WATCH: What’s coming next on House of Zwide

WATCH: What’s coming next on House of Zwide

Last Week Recap

Last week’s events on the show were filled with a range of emotional moments and surprising twists. Sandile and Soka’s confrontation with Monica led to their mistaken arrest, while Zanele and Mampho’s actions resulted in Monica’s own arrest. Sandile remained downcast throughout these events.

WATCH: What’s coming next on House of Zwide 1

Meanwhile, Faith learned of the possibility that Loyiso might never wake up, prompting her to seek the help of a Sangoma, offering to reveal the truth about Mangidi. The Zwide men also prepared for Mangidi’s Ukubuyisa ceremony. Elsewhere, Keletso chose Sipho as her manager, much to Molefe’s dismay, though Isaac was eventually reassured by Sipho’s vision for Keletso’s career. Sandile confided in Zanele about his sadness, leading to a heartfelt conversation where Zanele shared her recent

The week also saw Loyiso wake up, wanting to speak with Faith, and Ona advising Keletso to be honest with Isaac about her career. Zanele struggled to share big news with Faith, while Funani worried about his father’s trembling hand.

Keletso’s family was upset by the terms of her contract, and Funani and Nkosi suspected Nandipha’s involvement, leading them to Tembisa. Soka joined the search for Busi, but the efforts were unsuccessful, and Ona and Molefe tried to cheer up Keletso after a disastrous gig, only to be further discouraged by mean online comments.

Coming Up Next On House of Zwide

The tightly-knit community of Tembisa has been plunged into a state of anguish and alarm as the search for the missing young Busi intensifies. As Nkosi tries to reassure Mampho that their daughter will be found alive and unharmed, the family must grapple with the chilling revelation that Nandipha, a figure of immense influence and power, is likely behind Busi’s kidnapping. Mampho and Maria, fearing for their safety, have turned down Funani’s offer to move into the Zwide mansion, blaming his ongoing feud with Nandipha for the devastating turn of events.

Amidst the turmoil, Faith stands as a pillar of support for the distraught Funani, who admits to being gripped by a fear like never before, acknowledging the sheer evil that Nandipha is capable of. The glimmer of hope fades when Funani and Nkosi arrive at the designated location, only to find a doll wrapped in blankets, with Busi nowhere in sight.

As the season draws to a close, Funani, undeterred by the discouragement of those around him, makes a heartfelt promise to Nkosi that he will stop at nothing to bring Busi back, even if it means confronting the formidable Nandipha on her own terms.

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1. Nandipha kidnapped Busi

2. Funani faces Nandipha