Wanda Zuma and Shalate Sekhabi take their TV relationship off-screen

Wanda Zuma and Shalate Sekhabi take their TV relationship off-screen

House of Zwide’s Wanda Zuma and Shalate Sekhabi are taking their on-screen relationship off-screen. The actors have been seen together outside of filming, fueling rumors of a potential real-life romance. Fans of the show are keen to witness if their on-screen chemistry will evolve into a genuine relationship behind the scenes. With news of their off-screen bond circulating, social media is alive with speculation and anticipation. Followers are closely monitoring their interactions, anticipating validation of their speculated romantic involvement.

Wanda Zuma and Shalate Sekhabi take their TV relationship off-screen 1

Wanda Zuma and Shalate Sekhabi, known for their roles as an on-screen married couple in etv’s House of Zwide, are reportedly dating off-screen. Sources familiar with the situation reveal that the actors, who portray Nkosi and Shoki Zwide, have developed a strong bond beyond their on-screen collaboration. According to a source cited by City Press, the two have been in a relationship for several months, with even their colleagues on etv’s second-most watched show being aware of it.

“Everyone at House of Zwide knows that Wanda and Shalate are dating, even though they try to be discreet about it. They are cute, and I don’t see anything wrong with it because they are just having fun without harming anyone,” said a source.

Another source disclosed that despite their attempts at privacy, numerous loud hints indicated the existence of their romantic relationship. This source also mentioned that the couple was frequently spotted together in public settings and industry gatherings.

“Wherever you see Wanda, Shalate will be there. They are each other’s plus ones at events and weddings. You will see them dressed almost the same or dressed by the same designer looking all cosy, but when you ask if they are dating, they deny it,” said the source.

Social media users began questioning whether the on-screen romance between Sekhabi and Zuma had transitioned off-screen in July, following Sekhabi’s release of her romantic single “Can You See.” In her promotional material, the two appeared affectionate. Sekhabi engaged with Zuma in his Instagram comments, complimenting his looks, while he reciprocated with heart emojis on her posts. Observing this interaction, their fans suggested that they should consider dating in real life due to their apparent chemistry.

Shalate Sekhabi gushes over Wanda Zuma
Recently, Shoki from House of Zwide gushes over her boyfriend, Nkosi Zwide, for buying her flowers. The actress didn’t want to hide the excitement and how happy she is, and fans noticed on her Instagram stories that she is in a romantic relationship with Wanda Zuma.Shoki from House of Zwide couldn’t contain her joy as she shared photos of the beautiful bouquet Nkosi got her, writing heartfelt captions expressing her love for him. Fans were delighted to see her so happy and couldn’t help but gush over the adorable couple. Shoki’s relationship with Wanda Zuma seems to be going strong, and followers are eagerly anticipating more updates on this blossoming romance.