Vusi Kunene & Londeka Mchunu exit House of Zwide?

Vusi Kunene & Londeka Mchunu exit House of Zwide?

Vusi Kunene ‘Funani’ leaves House of Zwide

In a surprising turn of events, the popular House of Zwide character, Funani Zwide, played by renowned actor Vusi Kunene, is set to step down from his role as the CEO of the esteemed fashion design company that bears his name.


The July teasers for the show reveal that Funani’s departure from the helm of the House of Zwide comes in the wake of a tragic incident – the untimely death of Nandipha, portrayed by KB Motsilanyane.

According to the TVSA House of Zwide teasers, Funani’s decision to relinquish his leadership position may be driven by the tumultuous events surrounding Nandipha’s demise, which include the shocking revelation that she had kidnapped Nkosi and Mampho’s daughter, Busi.

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Fans of the show are left to wonder whether Funani’s step-down is a voluntary choice or a consequence of the brewing drama, as the teasers also hint at the possibility of Funani being the one responsible for Nandipha’s tragic end. As the story unfolds, viewers can expect to witness a captivating power struggle within the House of Zwide, as the fashion empire navigates the aftermath of this pivotal change in leadership.

Londeka Mchunu ‘Zanele’ leaves House of Zwide

Londeka Mchunu’s portrayal of the character Zanele on the popular South African soapie, House of Zwide, has captivated viewers with her compelling storyline and impeccable fashion sense. Since her introduction to the show, Mchunu has consistently delivered a nuanced performance, navigating the challenges and heartbreaks faced by her character. Viewers have been particularly drawn to Zanele’s journey, which has seen the character grapple with personal and professional struggles.

The recent announcement that Zanele will be taking a break, as she is leaving House of Zwide to pursue a work opportunity in London. The character Zanele is reportedly taking a long break from the show. Mchunu’s talent and the distinctive style choices made for her character have undoubtedly contributed to the show’s widespread appeal, solidifying her status as a standout performer in the South African television landscape.

House of Zwide has been renewed

The popular South African telenovela, House of Zwide, has been renewed for a fourth season following a surge in viewership. According to the Broadcasting Research Council of South Africa (BRCSA), the show has become the most-watched program on the network, with an impressive audience of 4.5 million viewers.

The talented cast, including Motlatsi Mafatshe, Tsholofelo Matshaba, Gaisang Noge, Wanda Zuma, and Londeka Mchunu, continues to captivate audiences with their compelling performances. In the current storyline, Funani’s father, Zechariah, is troubled by dreams of his late wife, Mangidi, which has caused upheaval within the Zwide household.

Zechariah and Funani decide to consult a sangoma, unaware that Mangidi’s spirit is restless due to the fact that she was murdered by Funani’s ex-wife, Faith (Winnie Ntshaba). Season three of the show will conclude on Friday, July 12th, paving the way for the highly anticipated fourth season, which is set to premiere on Monday, July 15th.