Thuli Phongolo’s banging photos shut down Mzansi’s internet.

Thuli Phongolo’s banging photos shut down Mzansi’s internet.

South African actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo has been making waves on social media recently, with her latest Instagram post sparking a flurry of reactions and comments. The celebrated DJ shared a stunning photograph of herself wearing a sleek dress, and the post has since garnered thousands of likes and comments from her adoring fans.

Thuli Phongolo’s banging photos shut down Mzansi’s internet. 1

Fashion enthusiasts were quick to praise Phongolo’s impeccable style, while others gushed over her youthful appearance. However, some users were puzzled by the fact that the actress is already 30 years old, as she appears much younger than her age. Born on January 22, 1994, Phongolo has often topped trends with her makeup-free looks, with many agreeing that she defies her age.

Despite the occasional backlash, Phongolo continues to serve her goals and prove that she is the queen she believes herself to be. Her sense of fashion has undoubtedly thrust her into the spotlight, with the actress often making headlines for her lavish lifestyle and designer accessories.

Just last month, Phongolo made waves when she was spotted carrying a rare Louis Vuitton LV Vanity PM Handbag, which has a base price tag of $3,230 (approximately R60,000). This is not the first time the actress has made headlines for her expensive taste, as her flashiest designer clothes have often thrust her into the top trends.

Despite her success as a DJ, Phongolo has not starred in any big-budget drama series over the years. However, she has managed to spread her wings and earn a fortune from endorsement deals and her rumored DJ booking fees, which are said to be around R20,000 per set. With her massive social media following, Phongolo has quickly become a typical social media influencer, further cementing her status as a fashion and style icon in the industry.

The love life of DJ Thuli Phongolo has recently come under intense public scrutiny. It all began when Phongolo posted a comment on a social media platform, essentially confirming her single status.She wrote: “When you’re single but everyone still thinks you’re dating your ex … I hate that mess. Count me out. 😒.”

Phongolo’s relationship history has been a topic of discussion, particularly her past involvement with one of South Africa’s renowned record producers, DJ Maphorisa. Their relationship took a tumultuous turn last year when Phongolo accused Maphorisa of assault, claiming that the “Hello” hitmaker had hit her with open hands and strangled her after a confrontation. Maphorisa was subsequently arrested and later granted bail, but Phongolo later withdrew the charges.

Since the incident, Phongolo and Maphorisa have been spotted together in public on multiple occasions, and in February, they even collaborated to play a set at a party. This has led social media users to become increasingly invested in the dynamics of their relationship, although Phongolo’s recent actions have made it difficult for them to remain discreet about the matter.