Serge ‘The International Blesser’ blows over R100k on alcohol

Serge ‘The International Blesser’ blows over R100k on alcohol

Serge, ‘The International Blesser’, is trending after reportedly spending over R100 000 on alcohol at Tempo Club.

Serge ‘The International Blesser’ blows over R100k on alcohol 1

Retired international blesser Serge Cabonge, best known as ‘The International Blesser,’ is making headlines after he splurged over R100 000 at a local joint in Rivonia.

He has undoubtedly made all sorts of headlines over the years, from his spending sprees to famous Dubai vacations with slay queens. He lives lavishly and is unapologetic about it.

He lives life thanks to his fat pockets and often tops trends whenever he posts. Despite making it known that he had repented from his old ways, it seems this was just a PR stunt by the muso.


Serge, ‘The International Blesser’, has managed to keep his private life under wraps lately, but it seems he can’t keep his spending sprees away from the public. The Angolian-born business mogul is no doubt topping trends after it was revealed that he spent over R100 000 at Tempo Club, Rivonia.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Musa Khawula posted the receipt and captioned it, “Sergio Cabange spends over R100 000 at Tempo Club; Rivonia.”

Since it was posted on the internet, the post has gained thousands of comments and reactions. Mzansi was quick to flood X with their two cents. However, Mzansi has been trying to figure out how the bill ended at over R100 000.

Serge, ‘The International Blesser’, was partying at Tempo on 6 July and made the whopping payment around 02:53 a.m. Little is known about his company, but they had some of the most expensive bottles.

Serge ‘The International Blesser’ had one bottle of Aces Gold priced at R13 000. He also bought two bottles of Aces Pink priced at R17 500 each. However, Serge ‘The International Blesser’ also paid for three bottles of Moet Nectar, each valued at R2 100.

Some of the most expensive bottles he bought included one bottle of Don Julio Reposed, valued at R2 600, and one bottle of Hennessy VSOP, valued at R2 800. He also bought three bottles of Veuve, one Rich and the other two Yellow L.

The controversial businessman also paid for two bottles of Don Perigon for R20 000. However, Serge ‘The Blesser’ also had a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal, which cost a whopping R12 800. The rest was spent on dashes, water, and other beverages.


No doubt this is not the first time he has spent such an amount on alcohol. In 2023, he made headlines when he blew over R60 000 on alcohol.

Serge, ‘The International Blesser,’ and his female friend spent over R60 000 at Room 130 in Sandton after winning a court case. The controversial businessman had several bottles and Nigerian dishes.