Scandal denies Nomvelo Makhanya’s damning allegations

Scandal denies Nomvelo Makhanya’s damning allegations

“The production team states that it is unaware of these allegations,” Scandal denies Nomvelo Makhanya’s damning allegations.

Scandal denies Nomvelo Makhanya’s damning allegations 1

Actress Nomvelo Makhanya is making headlines after recently opening up about her woes after her dramatic exit from Scandal.

The bubbly actress, who had made a name for herself with her on-screen character, Lindiwe Maseko—Ngema, had a dramatic exit from the drama series.


Against her dramatic exit, she made it known that the working environment was ‘toxic’. She went on to reveal that she almost committed suicide because of the working environment. However, against her daring claims, the production downplayed her allegations with a press statement at the time.

The production made it known that it was unaware that the environment had become toxic for Nomvelo Makhanya. However, the press statement revealed that Nomvelo Makhanya’s character had run its course on the show.

A year after her dramatic exit, Nomvelo Makhanya revealed why she was axed from the drama series. During her recent interview on the Access Genie Podcast on YouTube, Nomvelo Makhanya revealed that she was written off because she had reported her director and floor manager for being drunk while on set.

The actress said, “I was written off a week and a half after I had reported them, and I got called into the office. The news was delivered to me, making it seem like I was the one with the problem. Like I was the one with the issues. But I took it like a champ and held my head high.”

Nomvelo Makhanya revealed that her report led to her fallout with the director and floor manager. Their fallout resulted in a toxic working environment, which took a toll on her mental health.

The actress made it known that she was also red-listed, leading to several production houses turning a blind eye to her.

Nomvelo Makhanya added, “I was redlisted for a while. That basically means you do not work. The minute you show up, they already know who you are because they have been told. They wanted to prove they were bigger than me and made me. It is a power thing.

“I was very suicidal just after I lost my job. I have got extreme anxiety. So, I heard voices in my head that would constantly tell me that I deserved it. I spent so much of my time and gave so much of myself to that show for ten years.”


However, the drama series has responded to Nomvelo Makhanya’s damaging allegations. The drama series denies that the actress was fired because of the allegations she made.

Speaking to the media, Scandal’s Public Relations officer said, “The production team states that it is unaware of these allegations, and to the best of the team’s knowledge, the departure was an amicable one.”