Rosemary Zimu brings to life the dynamic Puseletso in My Brother’s Keeper.

Rosemary Zimu brings to life the dynamic Puseletso in My Brother’s Keeper.

Rosemary Zimu’s portrayal of Puseletso, a Mosotho woman, on Mzansi Magic’s popular drama series “My Brother’s Keeper” has captivated viewers with her nuanced and compelling performance. Since the show’s debut in October 2023, audiences have been enthralled by the unfolding drama that unfolds against the lavish backdrop of the Shabalala family, according to TrueLOVE

Rosemary Zimu brings to life the dynamic Puseletso in My Brother’s Keeper. 1

As the long-term “lay-by wife” of Ndumiso, played by Nkanyiso Mchunu, Puseletso’s character has navigated a tumultuous journey filled with infidelity scandals and power struggles. Despite the ups and downs, Puseletso has remained steadfast in her loyalty to Ndumiso, showcasing the resilience and strength that have endeared her to viewers.

Rosemary Zimu’s nuanced portrayal of Puseletso has been a standout, as she effortlessly captures the complexities of the character’s emotional and social dynamics. The audience has been rooting for Puseletso’s rise, captivated by her journey and the powerful performance that Rosemary Zimu has delivered.

Rosemary Zimu brings to life the dynamic Puseletso in My Brother’s Keeper. 2

“She did try and grow just to make hers and Ndumiso’s life better and she was also trying to grow into being an independent woman with her husband and away from Mshengu’s (played by Lindani Nkosi) control and Mshengu is just too strong man, Mshengu is just too connected, he is too feared,” she said

Puseletso’s strength and dedication shine through her life with the Shabalala family. She integrated into the family business, proving she is more than just a makoti. This was evident when family patriarch Mshengu appointed her as the CEO of the business.

While “My Brother’s Keeper” focuses on the Shabalala family’s sons and their quests for power and love, it is the women supporting these men that provide a nuanced portrayal of family dynamics and the impact of patriarchy.

Rosemary Zimu brings to life the dynamic Puseletso in My Brother’s Keeper. 3

Rosemary and Fakazile’s (portrayed by Zola Nombona) sister-in-law relationship initially faced challenges due to the other wives’ influence, but it gradually evolved and grew stronger amidst the turbulence of the Shabalala empire.

“With Fakazile, I think they are now best friends. Yes, they’ll have their differences, but I think Fakazile has such a good heart that Puseletso knows that you know what, this is a real one. They look out for each other even after Puseletso has done so much to contribute to Fakazile’s pain. Even though it was Mshengu really running everything, but with uFakazile they are besties,” Rosemary shares.


Rosemary’s role in the production has allowed her to work alongside a talented ensemble, featuring well-known actors such as Nelisa Mchunu, Wiseman Ncube, and S’dumo Mtshali. This experience has provided her with the opportunity to learn from her fellow thespians.

Rosemary particularly highlights the portrayal of the Shabalala parents, played by Hlengiwe Lushaba-Madlala and Lindani Nkosi, stating that the chemistry between the two actors has influenced the on-screen dynamic between her character, Ndumiso, and Puseletso. Rosemary reflects that this collaboration has been a valuable learning experience, as she has been able to observe and absorb the techniques and chemistry of her more experienced co-stars.

“Zola, ugh, love her to bits. She’s also definitely taught me a lot about how to carry Puseletso, how to make her different from the other wives and also just – yes, I am a very kind person when I go onto set, but I think one thing Zola taught me was to just leave my problems behind and come to work to try and make other people’s days better and I really appreciate that about her.”