RIP Famous Sangoma Passed Away, She Was Killed In a Very Painful Way

RIP Famous Sangoma Passed Away, She Was Killed In a Very Painful Way

Klipgat, North West — Residents of Ndlovu Stand in Klipgat were left in shock on Saturday morning, 16 March, when they discovered a neighbor dead in the bushes. Sangoma Matshidiso Hlabangwane (41) was found with foam coming out of her mouth, raising immediate suspicions of foul play.

RIP Famous Sangoma Passed Away, She Was Killed In a Very Painful Way 1

The grim discovery was made around 7:30 a.m. According to police spokeswoman Colonel Adele Myburgh, the body was discovered by a passer-by who noticed it lying on a footpath. “Police are investigating a case of murder,” Myburgh confirmed. She added that initial information suggests Matshidiso’s body might have been dumped in the bushes after she was killed elsewhere.

A postmortem is planned to determine the exact cause of death, and the police have yet to make any arrests. Colonel Myburgh urged anyone with information to contact Sergeant Norra Mokgadingoane at the Klipgat Police Station on 082 661 0510 to assist in the investigation.

Family and Community Reactions

When the Daily Sun visited Matshidiso’s home, her family expressed their shock and frustration. They stated that they were still in the dark about the circumstances leading to her death and felt it was too early to speak to the media. A family member mentioned, “We heard she was at a nearby tavern. We don’t know what happened, so we’ll have to talk to her friends and those who were at the tavern to find out what really happened.”

RIP Famous Sangoma Passed Away, She Was Killed In a Very Painful Way 1

The family also noted signs of a struggle, indicating that those responsible for Matshidiso’s death might have fought with her. “The beads on both her wrists were broken,” they said, pointing to evidence that suggests a violent confrontation.

Witness Accounts and Community Observations

Daily Sun also gathered accounts from people near the scene. A man reported seeing a blue car parked near the bushes on Friday night, 15 March. “I saw the car and suspected something was going on, but I didn’t really take it seriously because sometimes people park their cars in the bushes to do their things,” he explained.

Call for Justice

As the community grapples with the tragic loss of Sangoma Matshidiso Hlabangwane, there is a collective call for justice. The police are diligently working on the case, and they are appealing to the public for any information that might help solve this murder.

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Contact Information

If you have any information regarding the murder of Matshidiso Hlabangwane, please contact Sergeant Norra Mokgadingoane at Klipgat Police Station at 082 661 0510. Your assistance could be crucial in bringing those responsible to justice.