Revealed: The Truth About MaMkhize’s Snake and Her Riches

Revealed: The Truth About MaMkhize’s Snake and Her Riches

Revealed: The Truth About MaMkhize’s Snake and Her Riches

Revealed: The Truth About MaMkhize’s Snake and Her Riches 1

Shauwn MaMkhize, a name synonymous with wealth, success, and controversy, has captured the public’s attention once again. Known for her dynamic presence as an entrepreneur, socialite, and TV personality, MaMkhize’s journey to amassing an estimated net worth of around R300 million is as fascinating as it is complex. This article delves deep into the truth about her riches, her entrepreneurial ventures, and the persistent rumors about a mystical snake that allegedly contributes to her fortune.

The Entrepreneurial Rise of MaMkhize

Shauwn MaMkhize’s success story is rooted in her impressive business acumen. She is the driving force behind the Zikhulise Group, a Black-owned conglomerate that includes Zikhulise Maintenance and Transport, Zikhulise Auto Recoveries, and Inyanga Trading. Each of these ventures has contributed significantly to her wealth. Additionally, she owned the South African football club Royal Eagles F.C. before moving on to lead Royal AM Football Club.

MaMkhize’s business journey began with Zikhulise Construction, a company originally founded by her mother, Florence Mkhize, a notable ANC veteran and anti-apartheid activist. Under MaMkhize’s leadership, the company flourished, securing numerous government contracts for low-cost housing projects in Durban. Despite facing scrutiny and allegations of tax evasion and fraudulent activities in 2012 and 2016, MaMkhize and her company emerged unscathed, further solidifying her reputation as a formidable businesswoman.

The Snake Allegations

Rumors have long swirled around MaMkhize, suggesting that her wealth is not solely the result of her hard work and savvy investments, but also due to a mystical snake. These allegations reached a peak when MaMkhize decided to address them publicly. In a candid revelation, she questioned why this so-called snake did not assist her during challenging times, such as when her football team was defeated by Richards Bay, causing them to drop from the top position to fourth place.

MaMkhize’s rebuttal was not just a dismissal of the rumors, but also an empowerment narrative. She explained that she viewed the setback as a learning experience that ultimately led her team back to the top. Her response underscored her belief in perseverance and hard work over mythical explanations for her success.

A Legacy of Wealth and Influence

MaMkhize’s roots run deep in both political and business spheres. Born into an influential family, her mother, Florence Mkhize, was a significant political figure and entrepreneur, while her father was an ANC activist tragically killed in 1991. This blend of political activism and business savvy laid the foundation for MaMkhize’s future endeavors.

The legacy of Florence Mkhize lives on, not just through MaMkhize’s business empire, but also through the Florence Mkhize Building in Durban, a tribute to her contributions to the community.

Diverse Revenue Streams

MaMkhize’s wealth is diversified across several sectors. Apart from her construction company, she has significant investments in football, real estate, and media. Her reality TV show, Kwa Mam’Mkhize, has further cemented her status as a public figure, allowing viewers to glimpse her opulent lifestyle, which includes a remarkable collection of high-end cars and a luxurious 5-star apartment.

Football Ventures

MaMkhize’s involvement in football has not only been a personal passion but also a substantial financial endeavor. Her ownership of Royal AM Football Club has brought her both challenges and triumphs, with the club frequently making headlines under her leadership.

Real Estate Holdings

Real estate is another significant component of MaMkhize’s wealth. Her properties, known for their luxury and prime locations, reflect her investment in real estate as a stable and lucrative asset class.


Shauwn MaMkhize’s life and career are a testament to resilience, strategic thinking, and an unwavering commitment to her goals. Despite the persistent and often bizarre rumors about a mystical snake contributing to her wealth, the truth about MaMkhize’s riches lies in her diverse business ventures and her ability to overcome obstacles.

Her story is one of perseverance and ingenuity, rooted in a legacy of activism and entrepreneurship. As MaMkhize continues to navigate her financial and public life, she remains an emblem of success and controversy, inspiring many while leaving others in awe of her accomplishments.