‘Ready to win’: Bryoni a favourite to take Miss Supra crown

‘Ready to win’: Bryoni a favourite to take Miss Supra crown

According to experts, Miss SA runner-up Bryoni Govender is a firm favourite to take the Miss Supranational crown this weekend…‘Ready to win’: Bryoni a favourite to take Miss Supra crown 1


Miss South Africa runner-up Bryoni Govender has won the praise of many pageant gurus, who predict that she will be one of the favourites to win the Miss Supranational title this weekend.

The 27-year-old is currently in Poland, where the crowning ceremony takes place on Saturday, 6 July.

Bryoni’s participation in the finale comes after Mr South Africa Fezile Mkhize won the Mr Supranational title.


In the past two weeks, Bryoni Govender has been participating in the Miss Supranational’s preliminary competition.

From her stage presence to her wardrobe and national costume, the LLB graduate has wowed judges and pageant experts.

On Youtube, pageant enthusiasts have named the brunette beauty as a favourite to win the competition.

Here’s what a few had to say about Bryoni…

Dan Walker

“Bryoni wowed me. She has such a different vibe from everyone else, and in a good way. She delivered for me, I’m obsessed”.

Adam G

“Bryoni was sparkling, and she worked that stage with her charm and poise”.

Go Pageant

“Bryoni embodies the essence of super beauty. She is a very strong candidate.

“Her poise, beauty, grace, and intelligence speak for herself. She is ready to win the competition. I believe she will slay the question and answer round”.

‘Ready to win’: Bryoni a favourite to take Miss Supra crown 2

Alvin Sebetero

“She is smart, she can walk, and she will slay the runway.”

Crown Sisters

“Stunning, extraordinary, talented, and competitive.”


Earlier this week, Bryoni Govender shared a look at her stunning national costume for the Miss Supranational pageant.

Designed by Hollywood Costumes, the look is titled “The Leopard” and features faux animal skin, feathers, a bronze corset, and a headdress.

According to Miss SA, the costume “captures the Leopard’s legendary stealth, grace, and adaptability across South Africa’s varied landscapes.”


South Africans will be able to watch the Miss Supranational pageant finale on the official YouTube page