Queendom’s boss struggles to find money to pay actors’ salaries.

Queendom’s boss struggles to find money to pay actors’ salaries.

Clive Morris, the executive producer and boss of Clive Morris Production, has assured the cast and crew of the new drama series “Queendom” that they will be paid their salaries soon. This comes after reports that the show’s cast and crew have not received their June salaries on time, Sunday World reported.

Queendom’s boss struggles to find money to pay actors’ salaries. 1

“Queendom” is a new drama that airs on the BET channel from Monday to Thursday at 6:30 pm, featuring prominent actors such as former “The River” actress Sindi Dlathu, former “Uzalo” actress Dawn Thandeka King, and actors Pallance Dladla and Linda Mtoba.

In a WhatsApp text message sent to the cast, Morris acknowledged the anger and disappointment of the cast and crew, but explained that the production does not currently have the funds to pay their salaries.

Morris stated that the production team is “actively working non-stop to get the funding to pay everyone,” and asked for a little “breathing room” as they work to secure the necessary funds. This is not the first time the show has experienced salary delays, as the cast and crew have allegedly been paid late in the past for various reasons beyond the production’s control. However, Morris assured that “everyone will be paid” and that they are doing everything in their power to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

“We may have paid late in the past for various reasons out of our control. However, we have never not paid anyone. Everyone will be paid and we are asking for a little breathing room. This so that we can focus on finding funds as quickly as possible,” he said.

“I understand everyone is angry, and deservedly so. We have let you down and whatever the reason doesn’t help to put things right or make you feel better,” he said.

The delay in salary payments has undoubtedly caused significant hardship and frustration for the cast and crew, who rely on their earnings to support themselves and their families. Morris’s assurances and explanations, while understandable, may do little to alleviate their concerns and anger. The ongoing effort to secure the necessary funding to pay the salaries will be a critical test of the production’s ability to maintain the trust and confidence of its talented team, whose work is essential to the success of “Queendom” and the broader television industry.