Pearl Monama speaks about her character on Generations

Pearl Monama speaks about her character on Generations

Pearl Monama is a South African actress who plays Sphe Moroka on Generations: The Legacy. The good girl gone lousy character captivates Generations viewers from the onset and has never stopped since. She is just at the beginning of her career, and she isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Pearl Monama speaks about her character on Generations 1

Even though Sphe is one of the most well-liked characters on the show, her metamorphosis from a quiet, reserved young girl to a rebel has everyone talking.

Pearl mentioned that adapting to the role has been difficult.

“I have really enjoyed my role on the show so far but the most challenging part has been moving with her through her different situations. When she started she was humble and respectful. Now she is something else. She backchats her parents and fights with her in-laws. Her character gets backlash but I have learnt to understand that there is a difference between the character and me.”

Pearl said that while her character often demands attention‚ she is a lot more reserved.

The actress said that even some of her friends refer to her as Sphe and that she’s learnt to not take criticism about her character too seriously.

Pearl Monama speaks about her character on Generations 2

“Whatever backlash she gets means that I am doing a good job in portraying her and bringing out emotions. So I don’t take it personally. Not everyone is going to love the character and what she does. If they are criticising her‚ it means they are recognising something in her that is in themselves as well.”

Even though Pearl has had two years to adjust to the notoriety that comes with working on Generations, she still found the attention to be somewhat overwhelming at times.

“People think that I am the person that I am on TV. They see me and expect me to know them. I never know how to receive that‚ especially when they are over excited. They can sometimes get carried away. They pull you in different directions.”

Pearl has made use of her notoriety to instruct and guide aspiring actors at the drama department of the University of Pretoria.