Nolwazi Ngubeni is the casting director for “My Brother’s Keeper” & “Umkhokha: The Curse”.

Nolwazi Ngubeni is the casting director for “My Brother’s Keeper” & “Umkhokha: The Curse”.

Nolwazi Ngubeni is a multifaceted South African entertainer who has made a significant impact in the local entertainment industry. While she is best known for her portrayal of the character Mbali on the popular soapopera Scandal, her creative talents extend far beyond the realm of acting.

Nolwazi Ngubeni is the casting director for “My Brother’s Keeper” & “Umkhokha: The Curse”. 1

In addition to her acclaimed on-screen performances, Ngubeni has established herself as a respected casting director, writer, and producer. After her recent departure from Scandal, she revealed that she will continue her work as a casting director for the upcoming season of the Mzansi Magic telenovela Umkhokha: The Curse. This is just one of the many projects she has in the pipeline, as she has also disclosed plans for other productions that are yet to be officially announced.

Ngubeni’s ambitions extend beyond her current acting commitments, as she has expressed a desire to take on greater creative responsibilities behind the scenes. She has disclosed that she has previously worked as a producer and casting director for various shows, although she was not ready to publicly claim those credits at the time.

Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni, a acclaimed South African actress known for her role in the popular television series Scandal, has now shifted her focus to new creative ventures. Following her recent departure from the show, Ngubeni is poised to dedicate more time to her burgeoning roles as a director, producer, and writer, showcasing the breadth of her artistic abilities and her unwavering commitment to shaping the future of South African entertainment.

While Ngubeni’s acting skills have made her a household name, she has also ventured significantly into behind-the-scenes work. She has served as a casting director for numerous television shows and films, including Rhythm City, Nothing for Mahala, MTV Shuga, and AboMama, among others. Additionally, she has held positions as a casting director and business developer for a global technology company, further demonstrating her versatility and expertise in the industry.

Most recently, entertainment commentator Phil Mphela revealed that Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni has been appointed as the cast director for the new telenovela show, My Brothers Keeper, which has replaced the popular series Gomora. This latest development underscores Ngubeni’s continued influence and impact within the South African entertainment landscape, as she continues to navigate the multifaceted aspects of the industry.