Matshepo Maleme said she isn’t sick.

Matshepo Maleme said she isn’t sick.

Actress and performer Matshepo Maleme vehemently denies the false rumours circulating about her.After her character Rea tragically passed away from cancer, many people mistakenly believed that she was battling the disease in real life.

Matshepo Maleme said she isn’t sick. 1

The Joburg-based actress reassured everyone that she is perfectly fine and dismissed the stories circulating about her as complete fabrications. She humorously remarked that it seemed like people were just itching to play tricks on her, almost derailing her future with their fabricated stories.

"I have figured that once you start sharing your most personal information, confidential information with the public, you'll have to do that all your life. The public has no business diagnosing people.I have never tested for all those things and yet someone, unknown to me, just decides on top of their head that this person is ill," she said

The actress cleverly expressed her belief that it’s time for people to cease engaging in such behaviour towards others, regardless of their level of popularity.Matshepo declared that she was in excellent health and spirits. According to her, interviews are not her cup of tea.

"You are sabotaging future possibilities and prospects for me because no one wants to touch you. Thinking that you won't be able to do the job,It's unfair to me. It's criminal. It's just plain wrong not to me alone, but my family as well," she said

"I prefer radio or on-screen interviews because then the public will hear my voice. It's about me speaking for myself and giving my side of the story. News is often twisted and spiced up," she said.