‘Life gave me the gift of you’: Murdah Bongz to Kairo on her birthday

‘Life gave me the gift of you’: Murdah Bongz to Kairo on her birthday

Bongani Mohosana, better known by his stage name Murdah Bongz, is a South African musician who recently penned a heartfelt birthday message for his “step-daughter,” Kairo Forbes, on her ninth birthday. Murdah Bongz, a former member of the electronic music duo Black Motion, has been praised for his role as an exceptional step-parent to Kairo.

‘Life gave me the gift of you’: Murdah Bongz to Kairo on her birthday 1

AKA was tragically shot and killed outside of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road on February 10, 2023. In his birthday tribute to Kairo, Murdah Bongz expressed that life had gifted him with the joy of Kairo, and he loves her dearly, showcasing the strong bond they have developed as a family.

Murdah wrote to Kairo:

“I didn’t give you the gift of life, but life gave me the gift of you. Happy Birthday @kairo.forbes ❤️I love you,” he wrote.


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DJ Zinhle’s heartfelt tribute to her daughter Kairo Forbes on her ninth birthday reflects the profound love and pride she holds for the young girl. The media personality penned a warmly worded message, expressing her daughter’s endearing qualities and the immense joy she brings to her life.

Zinhle’s words convey a sense of deep gratitude, as she acknowledges Kairo’s growth, talents, and role as a cherished big sister. The reference to the late Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, Kairo’s father, underscores the family’s commitment to preserving his memory and ensuring Kairo’s continued well-being. Zinhle’s fervent prayers for Kairo’s health, happiness, and divine guidance underscore the unwavering support and nurturing environment the young girl enjoys, as she navigates the milestones of her formative years.

‘Life gave me the gift of you’: Murdah Bongz to Kairo on her birthday 2

“My baby is 9 👑 Happy Birthday @KairoForbes, the sweetest lady baby I know 😜, the best big sister & most talented girl. You surprise me everyday, may God continue to bless you with great health & happiness. I also pray that he continues to guide me and @murdahbongz as we raise the most precious girl,” DJ Zinhle wrote.

“Kiernan will forever be in your heart & we will keep his memory alive. We love you so much, I hope you know how proud we all are. Happy Birthday my Angel pie. Owethu kaMama ❤️,” she continued.


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The outpouring of adulation and admiration from Murdah’s devoted fanbase underscores the profound impact he has had as a role model and parental figure. His unwavering commitment to his daughter, has resonated deeply with his audience, who have taken to social media to express their heartfelt appreciation for his exemplary display of fatherly love and devotion.

The accolades bestowed upon Murdah, ranging from being hailed as the “Father of the year” to being lauded as “proof that there is a God out there somewhere,” speak volumes about the inspirational nature of his actions and the manner in which he has navigated the challenges of parenthood.

Moreover, the endorsement from the esteemed figure of AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, underscores the universal admiration that Murdah has garnered for his exceptional parenting skills and the profound impact he has had on those who bear witness to his unwavering dedication to his child.