“I am not sick”: Inno Sadiki responds to accusations of burning her own house.

“I am not sick”: Inno Sadiki responds to accusations of burning her own house.

In the wake of the recent allegations surrounding Innocent Sadiki, the acclaimed actress from the popular South African soapie Skeem Saam, the public discourse has been dominated by claims of a staged fire incident at her home.

“I am not sick”: Inno Sadiki responds to accusations of burning her own house. 1

The accusations suggest that Sadiki and her husband, Pastor Phindulo Sadiki, may have intentionally set their R2 million home ablaze, only to solicit donations from the public under the guise of losing everything in the blaze. However, Sadiki has adamantly stated that she remains unfazed by the negative commentary on social media, asserting that she is not swayed by the speculation and innuendo.

The controversy has quickly gained traction, with online investigators purportedly uncovering evidence that the house in question appeared to be abandoned prior to the incident, further fueling the suspicions of a staged event. Nevertheless, Sadiki and her husband have maintained their stance, emphasizing the devastating impact of the fire and their need for assistance as they grapple with the loss of their cherished home and possessions.

As the story continues to unfold, the public remains divided, with some extending empathy and support, while others remain skeptical of the couple’s account, eagerly awaiting the emergence of further evidence to either corroborate or refute the allegations of a potential insurance scam or act of arson.

Speaking to ZiMoja, Sadiki says she is not moved by negative people and their opinions. She asked, “What kind of mother would put her kids in such a traumatic experience just to trend or to gain fame? I would never do that to my kids. What kind of monster would I be?” She said her stress at the moment is for her family to be fine. “I told my family members and friends who have been sending me all the negative screengrabs from social media to stop,” she added.

In the aftermath of a devastating house fire, actress Sadiki, known for her role on the popular television show Skeem Saam, is navigating the challenges of providing a stable environment for her family. According to her recent statements, the family is currently residing in temporary accommodations as they prepare for the upcoming school re-opening.

“I am not sick”: Inno Sadiki responds to accusations of burning her own house. 2

Sadiki has expressed her concerns about her children’s wellbeing, revealing that they are still struggling with nightmares from witnessing their home being engulfed in flames. To address this, she has been arranging therapy sessions for her kids, recognizing the importance of professional support during this difficult time.

Despite the stress of coordinating her children’s schooling, uniforms, and books, Sadiki has emphasized that she finds little solace in the opinions of others, acknowledging that her focus remains on the needs of her family. However, the actress has expressed gratitude towards the outpouring of support from her followers, churches, businesses, and fellow celebrities, who have provided assistance and messages of concern during this challenging period.