Heartbroken Gabriel Temudzani talks about the end of ‘Muvhango’ & what’s next

Heartbroken Gabriel Temudzani talks about the end of ‘Muvhango’ & what’s next

As the curtain falls on Gabriel Temudzani’s iconic role as the chief of Thathe in the long-running television series Muvhango, the actor reflects on the emotional journey and the highlights of his time on the show. With a good head on his shoulders, Temudzani is ready to embark on new ventures, taking this opportunity to press the reset button and explore other possibilities.

Heartbroken Gabriel Temudzani talks about the end of ‘Muvhango’ & what’s next 1

The decision to end Muvhango after 27 years on air has been a subject of speculation, with rumors of contract disagreements between the cast, crew, and producers. Duma Ndlovu lost interest in Muvhango due to his long-term contracts with Mzansi Magic, leading SABC executives to discontinue the show, as per the source.

The source added that Ndlovu maintains a positive rapport with Multichoice executives and has secured long-term contracts with them. Despite the underperformance of shows like Sibongile & The Dlaminis on Mzansi Wethu in terms of viewership, his other show, Umkhokha: The Curse, is thriving.

Grabriel Temudzani acknowledges that the ending of the show is never easy, but he is determined to approach this transition with a positive mindset. He plans to take a breather, spend more time with his children, and explore various opportunities that lie ahead.

Reflecting on his time as the iconic character of Chief Azwindini, Temudzani fondly recalls the moments that made the character so compelling and iconic. From fighting for justice and family integration to assuming the responsibilities of chieftaincy, these turning points were the highlights that drew viewers to the character and the show. Temudzani will miss the family element, the camaraderie, and the emotional roller coaster that came with bringing Azwindini to life.

Heartbroken Gabriel Temudzani talks about the end of ‘Muvhango’ & what’s next 2

“My favourite moment was when the character was fighting for justice, when the character was fighting for the family to be integrated. Another one was when he was fighting for the family shares to remain in the family. When the character was fighting for Susan to be incorporated into the family as his better half regardless of her being a commoner and luckily when the character assumed chieftaincy responsibility, I think those were compelling moments that brought about a turning point to the character that also ushered the character into colourful moments that made Azwindini to be an iconic character that he is today,” he said

Ultimately, Temudzani recognizes that the true success of Muvhango and Azwindini can be attributed to the unwavering support of the viewers. He acknowledges that without the audience, the show would not have achieved the iconic status it holds today. With gratitude and appreciation, Temudzani expresses his heartfelt thanks to the viewers who have been a pivotal part of the journey, and he looks forward to the next chapter of his career, where he can continue to captivate audiences with his remarkable talent and versatility.