Gayton reacts to claims Illuminati forced him to ‘kidnap’ Joslin Smith

Gayton reacts to claims Illuminati forced him to ‘kidnap’ Joslin Smith

Newly-appointed Minister of Sport Gayton McKenzie has responded to a woman’s claim that the Illuminati told him to ‘kidnap’ Joslin Smith.

Gayton reacts to claims Illuminati forced him to ‘kidnap’ Joslin Smith 1

Newly appointed Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture Gayton McKenzie has clapped back at a woman who claimed he “stole” missing Saldanha Bay girl Joslin Smith. The woman also accused the Patriotic Alliance leader of being a member of the “Illuminati.”

The six-year-old went missing on 19 February after she disappeared from her Middelpos informal settlement home in the community of Diazville.

The Patriotic Alliance leader has been active in the search of Joslin, whose mother, Kelly Smith, partner Jacquin Appollis, and two accomplices have since been charged with human trafficking and kidnapping.

Gayton has pledged to donate 100% of his minister and MP salary to a fund dedicated to finding missing children.


On TikTok, a woman named Maryke Erasmus made a shocking allegation that Gayton McKenzie was involved in the disappearance of Joslin Smith.

In the video posted last month, Erasmus says: “Joslin’s disappearance has to do with Gayton McKenzie. He planned to steal her.”

Erasmus alleged that the PA leader kidnapped Joslin to make him appear as a “hero” to the public. She also claimed that Gayton has links to the secret service called the “Illuminati,” who ordered him to carry out the kidnapping.

The woman claims that God made the “revelation” to her. She also claims that Joslin Smith is still alive.


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Responding to the shocking allegations this week, Gayton said on Facebook Live: “She will get her court papers.

“When you make serious allegations against people – there are 34 of them, and my lawyers [dealt with them] meticulously”.

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In an April Facebook Live, Gayton McKenzie claimed he and his deputy president Kenny Kunene had been “contacted” by “members of the Illuminati.”

He said: “Kenny and I were approached to push the Illuminati programme. They [said they] will give us lots of money. But what was strange was that they said we are the last few remaining politicians that are not [a member].

“I will never become part of the Illuminati or this New World Order nonsense. I don’t believe in your agenda, I do not want your money, and I do not want your votes”.

He added: “It was the second time that they approached me. The first time I gave my answer was at the Eldo Manifesto launch many years ago”.

Gayton did not reveal the identity of the people who approached him.

Gayton reacts to claims Illuminati forced him to ‘kidnap’ Joslin Smith 2


Meanwhile, Gayton McKenzie has pledged to donate his entire R2 million annual ministerial salary to a fund set up in Joslin Smith’s honour.

He told the SABC ahead of his swearing-in ceremony earlier this month:  “I will be donating 100% of my salary to the Joslin Smith Foundation for missing children.

“It’s one the biggest things that is eating at me. The fact that we have not found Joslin means we’re still looking for her. In this country, every five hours, a child goes missing. God has blessed me, and I want to use my blessings to pay it forward and bless other people”.