BREAKING: Muvhango is not cancelled; the show continues

BREAKING: Muvhango is not cancelled; the show continues

The SABC2 soapie “Muvhango” has not been cancelled, and the production is currently in talks with the broadcaster to continue the show. As reported earlier, the production had to shut down temporarily due to delays in securing a contract for the new season, but this is a developing situation, and the future of the show remains uncertain.

BREAKING: Muvhango is not cancelled; the show continues 1

According to entertainment commentator @PhilMphela, the SABC2 soapie has not been cancelled. He has confirmed that the show is still in talks with the broadcaster, and there is a high possibility that the show will continue. This is good news for fans of the soapie, who were concerned about the possibility of its cancellation.

Despite the production break that began on June 15 after the completion of episodes for season 25, the cast and crew members are anxious about the show’s future, as they have families and children to support. The SABC and Muvhango management have not yet signed a new contract, and the reasons for the delay are unknown to the public, with only the executives privy to the details.

A crew member has expressed concern about the uncertainty, stating that they are unsure whether the Tshivenda telenovela will be renewed, and some have already started looking for jobs elsewhere.The production manager assured the crew that discussions about the renewal of the telenovela are ongoing, and urged them to remain focused on their current roles until a decision is made.

The producer, Duma Ndlovu, has confirmed that the ongoing discussions between the SABC and Muvhango management continue, and both parties have a mutual understanding of the value of the product. However, the cast and crew remain anxious about their future, as the negotiations have not yet been finalized, and the show’s future remains uncertain, according to News24

“While the cast is on break, we continue to have talks with the SABC about this matter. We are not giving up yet. The ongoing discussions continue despite the fact that we are closer to the end of the season. Both parties have a mutual understanding of the product Muvhango,” he said.

The show’s continued presence on the broadcaster’s programming lineup suggests that it remains a popular and valuable part of SABC2’s content offerings. As the discussions between the show’s producers and the broadcaster continue, viewers can look forward to the possibility of the soapie’s continued run on the channel.