Zuma’s Huge Ally Pursued By The Hawks?

Zuma’s Huge Ally Pursued By The Hawks?

Zuma's Huge Ally Pursued By The Hawks? 1

There are certain politicians in the African National Congress whom controversy is constantly following them, one such leader is former Nelson Mandela Bay Metro councillor Andile Lungisa, if he is not being suspended by the party, he is accused of Coup D’etat and many other things.

Zuma's Huge Ally Pursued By The Hawks? 2

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On Tuesday, in hard-hitting statement, he revealed that he was being Pursued by the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks) for being an alleged plotter of a Coup against the Government.

Lungisa is a known ally of the incarcerated former President Jacob Zuma, and he has never waivered nor kowtowed in so far as showing his full support for his political senior, throughout the legal imbroglio ultimately resulted in Zuma sent to prison, a Lungisa supported him all the way.

Zuma's Huge Ally Pursued By The Hawks? 3

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However, it seems his support has landed him in trouble, as he indicated that the police as well as the Hawks called him to ask questions regarding his alleged involvement in causing the unrest in the country.

“The state has chosen to irresponsibly label the nature of the protests and looting as an attempt at insurrection or a coup,” Lungisa wrote.

He also had strong words for the current government, stating that their ducking and diving on what is the main cause of the problem leaves so much to be desired with and has left the government with even less credibility.

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The former Anc Youth League Deputy President pointed to the fact that initially the government had characterised the violence as “ethnic mobilisation” but subsequently changed that position to suggest that it was actually failed Insurrection.

“Government was compelled to do away with the dangerously thought and divisive view of ethnic mobilisation following a huge uproar from society and they are now recklessly using a concocted characterisation of a Coup attempt to save face by they are at worse damaging their little left credibility,” he added.

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Lungisa further indicated that he visited the national office of the police in which he was slapped with a charge for violating Covid-19 regulations but something he believes many others are doing in the country.

He also reiterated that state organs are being used to fight political battles evidenced by his intimidation and criminalisation. He continued to say, were his reputation tainted, he will definitely sue the state for labelling him a Coup D’etat plotter.