Zuma’s Final Words Before He Went Back To Jail

Zuma’s Final Words Before He Went Back To Jail

Zuma's Final Words Before He Went Back To Jail 1

Jacob Zuma has revealed that his homecoming will be sooner than most people think, he revealed that information at his brother’s funeral earlier yesterday before he was taken back to Estcourt Prison in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

He also exposed to his family that his return will be much sooner than they think as time usually goes very fast. His younger brother’s funeral was a secrete funeral that really surprised a lot of people that the media was not allowed in Michael’s funeral as it was kept in the family in their time of grief and need.

The former president’s homecoming will be one to watch out for, he will have more followers than ever, if the African National Congress wins their upcoming elections it will be based on the free press they got during these times when it looks like they are falling. Zuma has been a pillar of strength to a lot of people even his family who look up to his ways and who usually wish they were him and they had the persistence he has.

Zuma's Final Words Before He Went Back To Jail 2

15 months still has to be served by Zuma, he has only been inside for a period of two weeks and his family members are dying, his friends are getting arrested and the country has already been burning billions, and others have been lost in his name. Politicians need to relax it is normal people who face everyday life after they mess up the country.

The former MEC is a very iconic man, everything he touches just makes a lot of noise, he knows how to hit the target and not even feel the pain when the country burn and people die because he did not preach peace when he was getting arrested all he did was to ask the constitutional court to reconsider their decision which was 100% fair.

Zuma's Final Words Before He Went Back To Jail 3

He said he will be back very soon, those were his final words before he went back to jail.

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