Zozibini Tunzi forgive me for my old bad Facebook posts

Zozibini Tunzi forgive me for my old bad Facebook posts

It appears Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi, was not lying when she said she isn’t great and there are skeletons that internet based life can uncover from her Facebook posts.

The belle of the ball was essentially sending internet based life FBI operators directly to them following her video “safeguarding” previous Miss South Africa 2020 confident, Bianca [email protected]@@

On Saturday, 30 May 2020, a hashtag began via web-based networking media saying #HandsOffZozi, after a solitary post from 2013 of her dissing darker looking young ladies’ selecting to put on a blonde wig, weave or augmentations.

In her post out Miss Universe portrays the last look as a Duracell battery… Profound!

Yet, South Africans are clarifying that they are remaining by our Miss Universe. Indeed, even Pearl Thusi took to Twitter to make it realized that she immovably remains behind Zozi.

Considering the Sovereign Sono’s currently cautiously curated choice on when she posts and doesn’t tweet, plainly she was unable to hold on and allowed trolls to attempt to change our impression of one of South Africa’s preferred excellence queens.

Despite the fact that she has not tended to the developing tempest yet, Zozi has just apologized with her inscription obviously saying, “Ngokuzithoba okukhulu, ndicela uxolo.

A few fans have turned out with regards to the Sovereign saying seeing she has apologized we should energize behind her and guard her.



source : twitter /instagram / news365