Zenande Mfenyana might be having a kid

Zenande Mfenyana might be having a kid

Zenande Mfenyana might be having a kid 1

On-screen character Zenande Mfenyana might be having a kid youngster.

Picture: Instagram/Zenande Mfenyana

Since dropping those ideal lowered snaps from her maternity shoot to attest she was pregnant, on-screen character Zenande Mfenyana has revealed continuously about her pregnancy: this time it’s the sex of her baby.

The on-screen character – who had The Sovereign watchers guessing that she was pregnant for quite a while – has been making the rounds in huge numbers, giving her fondness for her unborn newborn child.

With her pregnancy about full-term, Zenande took to Twitter and shared how she SBWL’d a whole day at the spa before her “ballerina’s” appearance.

With her tweet convincing she was having a kid youngster, performer and past set-mother Rami Chuene unveiled to Zenande the sum she missed her since Rami was no longer on the hit telenovela.

While the tendency was shared, Zenande offered an explanation to Rami that they should design a spa date when level 3 is executed in Gauteng.

As she holding on for the presence of her newborn child, Zenande has been making charming messages to her unborn youth.

In the no so distant past, she left various in wonder when she shared more snaps from her maternity shoot.

Taking to Instagram, she recorded her shower pic: “I can barely wait to kiss you and hold you in my arms, my kid love.”@

Giving her kid thump with the caption, “God saw me meriting you, and I’m regarded to be your mom,” Zenande clearly can barely wait to see her new baby youngster.