Woman dies after a gynaecologist mistakenly cuts her intestines during birth

Woman dies after a gynaecologist mistakenly cuts her intestines during birth

Woman dies after a gynaecologist mistakenly cuts her intestines during birth 1

My 34-year-old niece Kudzai Gweme was laid to rest today in Domboshava. Written by Jacob Ngarivhume;

While giving birth, she passed away. Two weeks ago, she underwent surgery with prominent gynecologist Dr. Simango to give birth to her third child. During that normal C-section, he unintentionally severed her intestines. He was apprised of the error, according to reliable sources, but he nevertheless closed the womb without informing anybody else so that the problem might be fixed. Later, Kudzai experienced problems, which required a second operation to fix. The second procedure involved four medical professionals. They also let the family know that the problem had been fixed. Whatever the case, Kudzi did not get better. At Parirenyatwa, they performed another scan, which proved that a third procedure was necessary to clear up areas that were missed during the first one. They gave her two pints of blood to get her ready for surgery. She responded to it right away and experienced cardiac arrest while being kept in the ICU at Parirenyatwa.

Later that morning, while receiving life support via an outdated ventilator, she passed away.
A few days ago, I posted about this on my Twitter account. In response to media reports citing me, the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals denied that Kudzai had been brought there. The hospital’s odd approach is that they act as though they care more about protecting their doctors, Simango in particular, than they do about investigating the case fairly and finding out what happened so that they can help save more lives in the future.They are currently acting as if they are aloof from the situation. They give no thought to the 34-year-old mother who passed away due to a terrible error made by their doctors, leaving behind three tiny angels who must now raise themselves without a mother. The child who was born that day survived but will now have to raise itself without a mother.

The only thing being looked at is their denial that she was ever one of their patients. This is what happens when poor leadership destroys a country. Buildings crumble, and moral principles are lost. Murderers get away with it, and criminals are safe. To ensure that those who perpetrate crimes are protected, citizens are maligned. It’s tragic. Kudzi, may you rest in peace. Good night, sweetheart. Only your two kids and daughter, who lived to tell the tale, will serve as our only memory of you.

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