Watch:Kayise Ngqula grieves her husband’s death one year later

Watch:Kayise Ngqula grieves her husband’s death one year later

Previous Our Perfect Wedding moderator Kayise Ngqula has indeed opened up about the misfortune of losing her better half Farai Sibanda, relating how she beseeched him to wake up and remain with her.

In recognition of International Widows’ Day on Tuesday, Kayise shared an adoration letter to her late spouse through her new YouTube channel After Dark with Kayise.

The entertainer lost her better half in an auto crash on June 22 a year ago.

In the adoration letter, Kayise went through a world of fond memories to when she initially met Farai at a Pizza café in March 2015, to Valentine’s Day of 2018, when he requested her deliver marriage, disclosing to her he might want to send his uncles to her home for lobola arrangements.

She additionally reviewed the time she discovered she was pregnant and how overjoyed they were that they’d have a child.

During the mental scene, Kayise started to lift the cover on the disastrous fender bender that left both her and her late spouse in basic conditions.

With tears in her eyes, Kayise clarified how she nodded off because of the rushed week she had and woke up to the sound of alarms. “It felt like I was in a fantasy … I felt so withdrawn, it was practically similar to an awful bad dream …”

Subsequent to falling oblivious once more, Kayise woke up in loss with her significant other close by.

“There was upheaval, the specialists, paramedics and any individual who should have been there to take care of us, it was then that I asked, ‘Where are we and what’s occurred?’ I was then educated by the specialists we’d been in an auto collision and that we were very harmed …

“Be that as it may, I looked on my right side, my better half was crazy, warding off any individual who contacted him … he would not like to be contacted and taken care of, he continued shouting my name … I at that point revealed to him we will be OK.”

Subsequent to being educated that her significant other wasn’t progressing nicely, Kayise uncovered how she was unable to comprehend why he was unable to wake up. “I asked him and implored him to wake up … I expected to hear him talk.”

Subsequent to hearing the news that her significant other had died, Kayise clarified that all she needed to do was to revive him.

This isn’t the first run through Kayise has stood in opposition to her misfortune.

Two months after the mishap, Kayise shared a genuine video on Instagram of the couple getting married at their conventional wedding, encompassed by loved ones.

In the post, she spilled her guts to her significant other and vowed to protect their adoration.

“Nothing was superior to us. Nothing would ever be superior to us. Our own together despite everything is the best example of overcoming adversity of my whole presence. I’ll secure it generally. Perpetually and a day, Happy Anniversary my affection!” she composed.


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22 June 2020 will mark exactly 365 days since the greatest agony of my heart hit me like a raging wave whilst at sea in the midst of a heavy storm. The battle to get to shore or a place of safety has been a resilient fight. However calm has now prevailed in its resounding reassurance that I have won the battle to live. I am finally ready to tell my story… ———– Tomorrow at 7pm, on the 1-year anniversary of my husbands death, the day my entire world came to a standstill, I bring you a project so personal and dear to me and all who have worked on it. AFTER DARK with Kayise, an in-depth and intimate conversational series that will showcase the lives and experiences of people who have dealt with loss and change. This show will explore the transition from loss to wholeness of all guests in their representation of healing and triumph, rebirth and the beauty in the opportunity of a fresh start to set oneself for a comeback after a setback. For it is AFTER DARK that the light surely will follow. After Dark with Kayise will be available on YouTube (please check the link in my bio) and all major leading podcast platforms #ADwK

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Our angel… 🕊🕯#ADwK

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