Watch_Lesedi Matsunyane Gets Candid About Her Battle With COVID-19

Watch_Lesedi Matsunyane Gets Candid About Her Battle With COVID-19

Watch_Lesedi Matsunyane Gets Candid About Her Battle With COVID-19 1
Watch! Lesedi Matsunyane Gets Candid About Her Battle With COVID-19. Almost every local public figure that we know of had contracted COVID-19 since the virus took over our lives and although we have lost many of them to the virus, there are those who battle the demon with a smile on their face. Connie Ferguson‘s daughter Lesedi is one of those strong people who are lucky enough to laugh through the pain.

Taking to Instagram, Sedi shared that she contacted the virus almost a week ago and each day brings a new experience. One day she will have the strength to face the virus but other days are just the pits. Luckily on the day she recorded the candid video she was having a good day and found it in herself to make light of the situation.

“6 days ago I tested positive for COVID-19. I’ve had/have all of the symptoms and everyday is different. Some days I’m strong, and other days I’m not. Today is one of my stronger days and nothing says trauma response more than trying to make a serious situation a little bit laughable. The VID ain’t funny…. But my “tastecapades” are” she wrote.

In the lengthy video, Sedi gave her followers a break down of how the virus has been treating her. Just like every single person who has battled the virus, Sedi has experienced the loss of her senses including her tastebuds. This has led to a joke in the Ferguson household about her eating whatever there is, because she can’t taste a single thing.

There’s nothing in this world that I miss more than being able to smell and taste my food. I have not been able to do that in a week. There’s even a running joke in the house that whenever I get asked what I wanna eat, I literally just say nomayini (whatever) it’s the same. I can’t taste it.” she said.

Her followers and industry friends flooded her post with well wishes and get well messages. We would also like to wish Sedi a speedy recovery and we are happy to see her the positive attitude whilst fighting a tough battle.

Get well soon Sedi!!