WATCH | How to hard-boil eggs on the braai – without water or a pot

WATCH | How to hard-boil eggs on the braai – without water or a pot

Peeled boiled egg on wooden background

Eggs hard-boiled on the braai take on a subtle smokey flavour.
Image: 123RF/belchonock
From toasted sarmies to bananas, there are probably very few things that our nation of braai lovers hasn’t tried to cook over the coals.

But did you know that you can hard-boil eggs on a fire – no pot or water required – to give them a slightly smokey flavour?

The Today Show in the US recently shared a video on Facebook – which has already been viewed over 26-million times – showing just how it’s done:

First, simply place whole eggs directly on a braai grid over hot coals and cook them for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how big they are, and how hard or soft you like your eggs.
Next, pop them into a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process. An added bonus is that this apparently makes them easier to peel.

The video has received scores of comments, but not all Facebook users were impressed by the method.

Many pointed out that making a fire and waiting for the coals to burn down just to cook a couple of eggs seems like a lot more effort than the traditional way of boiling eggs. We agree that boiling your eggs on the stove is probably a far quicker and easier option.

That said, in a country prone to unexpected power and water outages, knowing that you can hard-boil eggs on a braai could definitely come in handy!