Vusi Nova has had to shut down gay rumours -shows his Sweetheart and she is hot 

Vusi Nova has had to shut down gay rumours -shows his Sweetheart and she is hot

Vusi Nova has needed to close down gay bits of gossip forever and him not being straightforward about his affection life exacerbated the situation. The artist has been single for the vast majority of this current year anyway he as of late uncovered what many appear to accept is his better half. Not long after he began accepting celebratory messages with many fighting to accept he isn’t gay.

The Yibanathi vocalist shared an image of he and his reputed bae looking all comfortable and inscribed it “I got you.”

This comes half a month after Somizi uncovered on his world cooking show, ‘Supper At Somizi’s’ that he and his closest companion Vusi kiss at times. His disclosure gave numerous confirmation that Vusi was in reality gay, even subsequent to crushing those suspicions.

Somgaga then posted an image of him and Vusi getting themselves some lunch and under the post were numerous homophobic remarks and one troll advised Vusi to expose the unadulterated truth.

Somizi then guarded his bestie by saying individuals should simply stay out of other people’s affairs. “Angilwi ngiyabuza (I’m not battling, I’m asking)..what’s the fixation on others’ sexuality… maybe the appropriate responses will improve a specific part of your life… .or as though it improves one feel about themselves in the event that they out another person… .trust me he is substance and I trust you are as well and make a mind-blowing most,” he applauded back.

Vusi has been lipped about his adoration existence with the main thing he uncovered was that he is single.

At Somizi’s wedding he has been confident that he would sleeve a woman, he told TshisaLive “I saw such an excellent association. It was a fantasy. Amusing enough Somizi has a gathering he calls the ‘Fraternity Cartel’, and now every one of them are hitched aside from me. I am the just a single not wedded. Perhaps I’ll see somebody there at the night of adoration.”

Vusi has spoken about connections saying it never works out for him and that connections are somewhat untidy.

“It isn’t so much that I don’t date or whatever. It’s only that for reasons unknown it just never works out,” he told the distribution.

Addressing Metro FM, he stated: “Despite the fact that I’ve experienced such a great amount as far as my sentimental connections, I despite everything put stock in adoration. I’ve cleaned myself off and I’m pushing ahead, there’s no an ideal opportunity to move back, there’s no an ideal opportunity to think back ndiyaphambili. I despite everything trust in adoration.”