Video : know why girls are mad of Cassper Nyovest

Video : know why girls are mad of Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest gave a senseless clapback to an individual mentioning that he quit informing his youngster.

Cass may act all solitary officer over the span of occasions anyway in all actuality, he is cuffed by his darling Thobeka Majozi.

A tweep by the name of Phasha Manapyane kindly mentioned that the rapper quit informing his youngster. The customer had everyone tending to what Cass does on the down low.

Considering the tweep, Cassper’s reaction left various in affixes

Ofcourse the tweeps venerated it, take a gander at their responses:

The Good For That rapper is venerating the thought from women when he rambled about himself and his looks on his Insta story. The rapper boasted about being alluring, and he attests that the clarification youngsters are all over him is in light of the fact that he looks sweet and ‘dzaddy-like”.