Uyajola99: Jasrine snatches wig of her Boyfriend’s side chick

Uyajola99: Jasrine snatches wig of her Boyfriend’s side chick

Sunday’s scene of Uyajola 99 conveyed increasingly over the top dramatization when Jasrine finished her sweetheart’s side chick’s forces by actually grabbing her hairpiece.

Jasrine, presently nicknamed Jas by tweeps, asked Jub and his group to assist her with seeing whether her man was cheating.

The awful news was that her beau was without a doubt undermining her. Likewise, her bae’s side chick was too ill bred and promptly began reviling her the moment she strolled in to go up against her.

Jas knew precisely how to shrivel her certainty and “take her capacity”. She grabbed her hairpiece and left her collapsed and vanquished.

Fans couldn’t get over the planning of the hairpiece grab and how, very quickly after she grabbed it, Jas fundamentally won!

Tweeps contrasted the scene with the scriptural story of Samson and Delilah.

“Much the same as Samson in the Bible, his capacity was in his hair. The side chick’s capacity was taken at the swipe of the hairpiece,” said Somizi, an enthusiastic fanatic of the show.

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