Top Amazing Wrestlers Who Died In A Ring During a Match

Top Amazing Wrestlers Who Died In A Ring During a Match

Top Amazing Wrestlers Who Died In A Ring During a Match 1

While it is well known that wrestling is a written matter, simplified with all sorts of outcomes, it was and remains a very serious matter. many sacrifices to reach the level of a modern fighter, to the delight and amazement of his fans.

Many things happen in a wrestling match. For example, what might seem like a simple punch to fans could have a larger effect on the fighter in the ring. Just a few minutes in a wrestling ring will dread most superstar critics.

Although measures such as the introduction of the WWE Wellness program attempt to curb the occurrence of high mortality rates from cardiovascular problems, studies still show that wrestlers tend to die faster than their athletic counterparts.

This article will highlight 10 of the wrestling stars who died in action due to some avoidable circumstance or simply the trouble of being a wrestler:

There are many records of wrestling deaths. Obviously, due to the extremity of the sport, not even all of them can be accurately counted. However, we can point to a few that have shocked the world and it would be good to start with Malcolm Kirk.

Malcolm Kirk

Top Amazing Wrestlers Who Died In A Ring During a Match 2

Kirk was nicknamed “King Kong Kirk” because of his weight. He weighed around 350 pounds and was a very experienced wrestler in the 1970s and 1980s. Shortly before his 51st birthday, on August 24, 1

to be precise, he was involved in a match in Norfolk against another giant wrestler, Big Daddy.

After King Kong fell on Big Daddy’s ultimate, The Big Splash, he stayed on the mat and started turning blue, apparently from lack of oxygen. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. It was later revealed that King Kong had a pre-existing heart condition and had suffered six minor heart attacks before his death.

2. Oro

Top Amazing Wrestlers Who Died In A Ring During a Match 3

Oro died in the ring in 1993

Jesús Javier Hernández Silva was a second-generation wrestling star who worked under the ring name “Oro”. He started his career in 1990 only to quit. Three years later. He was involved in a tag team match on October 26, 1993. He would take a hit to the head in the match. The bump should look like his neck has been broken.

That happened to him because after the blow he collapsed. Before they got him to the ambulance, he was already dead. Although his family asked that an autopsy not be performed, it was speculated that he died of an aneurysm.

Oro’s death shocked the wrestling universe. He was a talented superstar who many believed would climb the corporate ladder, but he didn’t live long enough to fulfill his potential.

3. Plum Mariko

The first Japanese professional wrestler to die in the ring

Mariko was a wrestler who suffered multiple brain traumas during her career when head injuries weren’t accounted for, I laughed. It was a fan favorite, especially with Japanese audiences. He made his wrestling debut in 1986.

On August 15, 1997, he sustained what appeared to be his last head injury. She was involved in a tag team match with Command Bolshoi. against Mayumi Ozaki and Reiko Amano. Mariko was justifiably knocked unconscious when Ozaki hit a Liger bomb to immobilize her and win.

But Mariko stayed on the tatami and snored (possibly from a cerebral haemorrhage). A few days later, she became the first professional wrestler in Japan to die from complications from wrestling injuries. Her father requested that no autopsy be performed, but it was believed that her pre-existing head injuries and brain swelling had led to her death.

4. Larry Cameron

Died fighting Tony St. Clair in Germany

Another fighter who lost his life in the ring, not many will remember Larry Cameron, the man who was a passer, on the other hand, he was involved in many sports before finally ending his journey in the wrestling ring.

Nicknamed “Lethal Larry” or “Butcher,” he had been attempting to gain leadership in the Canadian Football League. He eventually left football to train at the infamous “Hart Dungeon” and competed in several North American professional wrestling organizations. before moving abroad.


Top Amazing Wrestlers Who Died In A Ring During a Match 4



On December 13, 1993, he was involved in a game against Tony St. Clair in Bremen when he suffered a fatal heart attack. The referee stopped the fight and tried to revive him, but it was too late.

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