Thickleeyonce posts on twitter “Why do I have a crush on Blaq Diamond? Send help,” she said.

Thickleeyonce posts on twitter “Why do I have a crush on Blaq Diamond? Send help,” she said.

Maybe the cutest participation on Twitter happened on Thursday night after Thickleeyonce conceded she truly prefers one bit of the Blaq Diamond group, Ndumiso Mdletshe, and kept on shooting her shot.

Thickleeyonce could no longer quiet about her pound and decided to confer to her disciples.

“For what reason do I truly like Blaq Diamond? Send help,” she said.

She recently expected to clarify which individual from Blaq Diamond she was beating on considering the way that, similarly as other various peeps, she thought Blaq Diamond was one individual. Kante, there’s two people, to be explicit Ndumiso and Sphelele Dunywa.

“Kante, it’s two people. For what reason didn’t I know this? I was inquiring as to why the other individual is reliably with him. I thought it was his bestie. My horrendous, I truly like the one with the locks. He’s beguiling,” she clarified.

The impeccable bigger size model and influencer may have been joking, anyway one thing provoked another and before she knew it, her squash was marked.

When Blaq Diamond was named, he showed up. Likewise, by the way wherein he responded, tweeps understood Thicklee’s shot had hit the spot.

It turns out Blaq Diamond, erm, “likes” them thick…

Tweeps expected to shield themselves down to keep from organizing a wedding. The general understanding is that sister by and by has an amazingly open license to slide into the DMs, so tweeps asked her to settle on the most ideal decision.

She will probs need to act fast in light of the fact that lone minutes after Blaq Diamond perceived Thickleeyonce, distinctive youngsters were by then skipping in.

Source : twitter / news365