The Queen actor SK Khoza, has reacted to his viral video

The Queen actor SK Khoza, has reacted to his viral video

The Queen actor SK Khoza, has reacted to his viral video 1


The Queen actor SK Khoza, has reacted to his viral video 2Former The Queen actor Sthembiso ‘SK ’Khoza, has reacted to his viral video, in which he was filmed having an altercation with a white man, in what looks like a restaurant or hotel.

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In the video, Khoza can be heard hurling insults at a white man and many people are concerned about his behavior. While it is unclear exactly when the video was shot, he can be heard even body shaming the man and asking if he knows who he is.

The Queen actor SK Khoza, has reacted to his viral video 3

Another man attempts to calm the situation, but SK is not having it. He is seen trying to fight off the white man. Social media users have weighed in on the video and they think the actor needs help. Others are speculating that he might have been drunk, high, or stressed.

While others even blame the cancel culture for his lunatic behavior.

Taking to his Instagram stories, SK penned an emotional message in which he said “Maybe some of us were meant to live and be great another lifetime and this one is just not for us.”

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Sthembiso was recently accused of abuse and the allegations were brought to light by his ex-fiancée Ayanda Hlongwane. Sunday World reported that Ayanda had filed charges against SK after the latter allegedly assaulted her at her home, injuring Hlongwane ‘by beating, kicking and dragging her.’

The actor was allegedly arrested on October 13 and appeared at the Randburg magistrate court where he received bail of R2000. She charged him with assault with ‘intent to cause grievous bodily harm.’

SK Khoza was fired as a result of these allegations by The Queen team. This follows after several social media users called for the actor to be canceled. The Ferguson Films announced his departure from the show and wished him all the best in his future endeavors.

“We would like to wish Sthembiso Sk Khoza all the best for the future as he exits #TheQueenMzansi. You have been a hardworking individual from the day you walked onto our set. We have no doubt that you will carry on winning and working harder! Until next time!”

A couple of months prior to this drama. Khoza poured out his heart on social media over abusing Hlongwane emotionally, “Keeping things that break your spirit and hurt you inside is not always a good thing. I have come to realize that I have done so and I ended up not realizing that I was taking it out on my fiancé @Ayearndar whenever I do talk about what is affecting me I would not address it in a calm manner, and in turn, I didn’t see that I was hurting her and in a way, I was being emotionally abusive towards her.

“She has made me understand that just because I don’t physically abuse her, I was doing so with my words and I want to speak out and say I am sorry I didn’t address my problems and allowed them to overpower me. Emotional abuse is really not good, especially because it breaks the other person in a serious way. I am now working on myself and I am committed to opening up, communicating more, and talking about the things that affect me. I am working on being a better person and partner,” wrote SK.

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