Surprisingly! Monada & His CREW Forgot To Hide Something In This Pic, See What Was Seen On The Floor

Surprisingly! Monada & His CREW Forgot To Hide Something In This Pic, See What Was Seen On The Floor



King Monada an his crew made a headline by sharing a random picture on Facebook an forgets, to hide something very attractive an funny. The zoom gang have made their trick an make sure they discover the error on the picture. It looks like those people didn’t realize that there’s something wrong about that picture, because they was gonna gonna post it anyway. The lady must be in pain now, because they zoom gang have seen it, an they’ve made sure they expose it on social media, so that everyone can see an laugh with them as they likes to laugh.

This is showing us that, being a celebrity is not child’s play, because people will always make sure they let you down. Then you will have to ignore everything about focus on pushing your carrier because, those people that mocks you won’t help you play your bills. So many celebrities have given up on their carriers, because of the negative energy they were getting from people that doesn’t love them. We all know that, people will never love you all, you will only have a few that loves you, an you will have to be greatful because some people are not getting even any of those.

The lady must be in pain, because she has became a laughing stock on Facebook an that’s not how it should be, because she might end up killing herself for being mocked. We all know a lot of people that have killed themselves for being treated like that. The zoom gang should stop with what they are doing because, because it seems like they can’t see that their jokes, can make someone commit suicide. They should blame the person that posted that photo, because obviously he have seen it that, there is an error in the picture.

The name of the lady is Mukosi, she is an artist that seem to be signed by King Monada Music, since they have a hit together call “Ganama S Plus”. Lately King Monada, Makhadzi & Prince Benza made a track called “Ganama”, later they had some arguments about who should open the track, an Monada suggested that the track should released under King Monada Music, since he helped Prince Benza with the beat, an comes up with a chorus an a verse an also the track was recorded at King Monada Music, an Makhadzi denied an tell them that, that will never happen because she is the one that came up with a concept.

Then King Monada didn’t have a problem with it, an tell them to release the track since it’s theirs. Then later Makhadzi release her “Ganama” without King Monada’s verse, that when Monada decided to come up with this lady named Mukosi, an the lady sings exactly like Makhadzi. I can tell that Makhadzi could be scared, because now it looks like she is gonna a competition since Mukosi sings like her. Most people are loving “Ganama S Plus” by Monada an Mukosi more than “Ganama” by Makhadzi an Prince Benza.

People are laughing at Mukosi for a single error that has been occurred in the picture, when she was all free chilling with her crew mates. I can tell that, she will be angry at a person that have posted that photo in the first place. I can also tell that, she didn’t see that picture after it was captured, because she was gonna request those people to delete it. It’s heartbreaking to see yourself trending on social media, but not because of good thing. That’s why it is more important to make sure you take care if your self when you are a celebrity, because when you post something everyone wants to see it an laugh about it.

Was it really necessary for the zoom gang to do a particular thing?