Sindi Dlathu : being a celeb is an extreme sport

Sindi Dlathu : being a celeb is an extreme sport

It’s public knowledge that actress Sindi Dlathu has beautiful skin – the kind you see under the #sunkissed on social media – but false advertising is a bit too rash. (See what I did there?)

On a serious note. It has come to light that a skin care company is using Sindi’s name to advertise their brand.

Although The River actress branched out into the skincare industry last year, she made it clear that she knows nothing about the bogus skincare brand that is using her to make money.

“Please take note that I am in no way associated to Nulante Anti-Aging. I have not been involved in the development of their ranges, nor have I endorsed any of the products sold by Nulante Anti-Aging,” the actress wrote on Instagram.

She also added that this act is a violation of her rights as her name, image and brand are used without her consent.

In addition she urged the public to exercise caution when buying those skincare products.

“I urge all of you to exercise the necessary caution should you come across any of this company’s products where my name has been used to promote the said products.”


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