Shona and Connie Fergusons talk over Mlamli Mangcala’s Accusations

Shona and Connie Fergusons talk over Mlamli Mangcala’s Accusations

The Queen’s Mlamli Mangcala made some astonishing charges against The Fergusons saying that they were paying him a very little pay.

The on-screen character who plays Captain Sthembiso Radebe has censured them for misuse and bewildering him. He shocked various when he said he just got an expansion of R100 from The Fergusons.

His letter basically says the Fergusons made him pay for being on TV. The Fergusons now and again address such censuring charges from their on-screen characters in any case this time they have held up.

Agent Lauren Neil Nel tended to Metro FM about these charges and have denied any awful conduct from their side.

“The activity he plays was planned for an individual dwelling in Johannesburg and he was made aware of that yet he said he will take it, he will regulate. After various complaints, The Fergusons were accessible to settling on another understanding for him that says he will be paid month to month whether or not he has not worked. There has been the place he has not worked at any rate he was paid,” said Lauren.

They also continued to keep the claims from making sure about the R100 pay increase and said that Mlamli’s expenses were over R27 000 for the term of season two to season three.

Lauren even said that no one commendations The Fergusons yet they get paid a respectable compensation. They even get given event vouchers during the happy season in any case they despite everything misuse them.

SK Khoza is one of just a bunch uncommon sorts of individuals who acclaim The Fergusons, “recognize… challenge to @ferguson_films @connie_ferguson everyone is basically loathing on yoll (you)..when you the best people will talk, it doesn’t have any kind of effect in case you doing constructive or contrary… I live by model,” he created.


source : news365