Sho Madjozi’s pushes new ‘amapiano’ hit

Sho Madjozi’s pushes new ‘amapiano’ hit

Sho Madjozi's pushes new 'amapiano' hit 1

Sho Madjozi has another hit on her hands.

Picture: Instagram/Sho Madjozi

Sho Madjozi fans are convinced there is nothing their sovereign can’t do, after she dropped a piece of her latest track that has “veritable amapiano vibes”.Sho Madjozi's pushes new 'amapiano' hit 2

The star has been working with a local producer to change her freestyle about the Covid-19 pandemic into a full tune, and this week shared a bit of the track so far on her Instagram Stories.

The catch was gotten by fans and shared [email protected]

DJ and creator Lisha deVOCALIST moreover shared a catch of it online, hailing it as “song of the year. No dispute”.

Sho reposted his video and said the estimate was straight “real factors”.

Fans went crazy for the track, making their assumptions felt with fire emojis and recognition hands.

Others felt it was not cleaned enough and said it required more work.Sho Madjozi's pushes new 'amapiano' hit 3

Sho took to Instagram a month prior to post the fundamental drafts of the tune, mentioning that producers give it a beat.

“Thought producers! I made this tune and it needs a beat. Use this sound, put it on a beat and post it with the hashtag #SenaAla! BPM: 126. Cutoff time: April 26. Get that confine money we ought to goooo. Any class is welcome,” she posted on Instagram.

Sho Madjozi's pushes new 'amapiano' hit 4