She was found at Soshanguve allegedly at her boyfriend’s place

She was found at Soshanguve allegedly at her boyfriend’s place

She was found at Soshanguve allegedly at her boyfriend's place 1Palesa Sethathi a learner from Hartbeespoort high school went missing on Monday night at 23:00 pm and she was last seen by her mother in the house, mother of Palesa says she went to bed and her daughter was already sleeping in her room but the moment she woke up at about 05:00 am she was no longer in the house.

Nothing was missing or a sign of a break in her mother noticed that she was not in her room anymore when she woke up in the morning to use the toilet, and her daughter was no longer in her bedroom.

They are alive in Ifafi but she was reported found yesterday at Soshanguve and it is alleged that she was found at her boyfriend’s house, the learner sneakered out at night while the mother was sleeping and she was fetched by the boyfriend the time was not specify on the media.

This happens more often at the teenage age, this group makes it difficult for police to attend to their cases fast because when a family includes or states that the person that is missing is a teenager they assume that she went to her boyfriend’s place without the parent’s consent.

It will be difficult to believe when the person gets missing in reality, they will have to wait for 24 hours then to start operating or assisting.

The community of the girl came out in numbers to go and help the family search for the child, only to discover that she ran out at night to her boyfriend’s place. Parents should find a way to accept and know how to bring up their children.

Is better for a child to lie that I’m going to study at my friend’s place than to run off without saying anything to the parents.

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