See: DJ Tira’s Birthday Wish list 

See: DJ Tira’s Birthday Wish list



DJ Tira is totally advanced about the hour of August and let it suggested on his online life pages as we by and large invited August first.

On Twitter, the pioneer of Ezase Afro made validations about the month and we would all have the alternative to accept that his fantasies work out. Particularly, thing number 3 on his summary of things to get.

The first was to incite us that August is his birthday month, and we should all prepare to have an immense measure of fun.

Second was to declare the transparency of his new grouping, “21 Years of DJ Tira,” being accessible for pre-request deals. Likewise, from the models as of late played from the variety, it vows to be a banger.

Thing number three, was that in August the imperatives will at long last be lifted! This is a hankering he gives to basically every South African and let us trust it turns out to be exactly as expected.

Makoya’s last wish, was that we celebrate (and secure) ladies. Particularly during a month that is given to them.

Source: twitter / news365