Secret thing : Sizwe is an identical twin to Lizwe Khumbuza

Secret thing : Sizwe is an identical twin to Lizwe Khumbuza

Many know Sizwe Khumbuza as Godfather in Uzalo. Besides, in all likelihood don’t understand that he is a twin. Sizwe is an unclear twin to Lizwe Khumbuza, who is in like manner a performer and vocalist.

The 29-year-old twins from Vryheid, in the north of KZN, have their fans fail to recognize them.

Sizwe uncovered to Daily Sun that even their families are fighting to separate them.

“We are one person. It is intriguing how people close to us disregard to remember us.

Now and again they call me Lizwe and call Lizwe by my name. They are simply helped by the tattoo on my arm. Regardless, when I am in a long sleeve top, they can’t see it,” said Sizwe.

He said if Uzalo watchers see his kin, they recognize him thinking it is him.

“My kin doesn’t attempt to explain considering the way that he wouldn’t care to baffle my fans. He just takes selfies with the fans and celebrates with them,” he said.

Sizwe is also attested to have left Uzalo anyway he would not comment on the charges.

He joined Uzalo in February this year, as a disastrously expired offspring of Khathaza, who was delineated by Sibonile Ngubane.

His activity as Godfather was anticipated searching for retaliation for his father’s downfall.

Sizwe and Lizwe are also people from the music pack Spadile.