RIP Young Doctor sadly passed away this way

RIP Young Doctor sadly passed away this way

RIP Young Doctor sadly passed away this way 1

Depression is a common and very serious medical condition that negatively affects how a person feels, thinks or acts. Depression causes feelings of sadness of a loss of interest activities that a persons usually enjoys, it can lead to variety of emotional and physical problems that can decrease a person’s ability to perform day to day tasks.

Depression does not have a face, it can affect anyone, even the people who look like they have everything going well for them. Its symptoms can be mild or severe. The dangers of this health condition is that if it is untreated it can lead to suicide.

About 16% of people will experience depression in their lifetime, and the most affected people are women. The mental illness has killed or led thousands of people, if not millions of people around the world to suicide, mostly young people are victims of this illness.

A young doctor sadly lost her life to suicide, she committed suicide. A Twitter user named @amo_kodesh recently shared her picture on social media.
RIP Young Doctor sadly passed away this way 2

She accompanied the post with a post that says:

” A lot of people are depressed with happy faces, people will be like “why people don’t open up to anyone, the same people who claim to be there are the very ones who will this problems like wild fire,”

Here is the full post below.


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