RIP VhoMukondeleli Muvhango actress exits the show

RIP VhoMukondeleli Muvhango actress exits the show

RIP VhoMukondeleli Muvhango actress exits the show 1
Muvhango’s Mukondeleli is dead and the soapie’s production house has even sent its condolences. The production house posted a message on their Instagram page reading: “RIP VhoMukondeleli”.

This was after the character, played by Elsie Rasanalavho, died in hospital on the episode that aired on Friday, 27 May.

Mukondeleli Muvhango

Elsie, who played the character for 25 years, told the publication she left the show due to personal reasons.

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“My departure was voluntary. The time had come for me to focus on other things outside of Muvhango,” she said.

“Unfortunately, I cannot disclose my reasons for leaving and all I can say is that it’s personal.

Perhaps one day, I will be back on TV but it will not be on Muvhango.
RIP VhoMukondeleli Muvhango actress exits the show 2
“For now, I will be at home taking a break,” she said.

Elsie said she had a wonderful time working on the show.

“I was blessed to work with a wonderful cast and directors but now, it’s time to go.

“I’d like to thank viewers for welcoming me and supporting my craft. I’m also pleading with them to continue watching Muvhango.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the last episode because I was visiting my husband in hospital because he hasn’t been well but my fans were so emotional to see my departure,” she said.

Earlier in 2022, the Limpopo Legends Awards announced that Elsie would be honoured for raising the province’s flag high.

“At the time, she said: “It’s great to be honoured here at home, especially when I’m still alive.”

The last time I was honoured was at Muvhango, when I received a certificate of appreciation but this is more humbling.”

-daily sun