RIP She passed away in a hospital yet she was not sick

RIP She passed away in a hospital yet she was not sick

RIP She passed away in a hospital yet she was not sick 1
There are a lot of people who are not completely satisfied with their bodies, they feel if they look a certain way, they would feel more confident about their appearances.

This is the reason why many people go for plastic surgery, to enhance the way they look or to look certain. Plastic surgery is very popular amongst young people these days.

However, plastic surgery has its own risks. People who undergo surgery are well informed about the risks before they decide to go through with it.

The risk may be bad, the risks may include scarring and sometimes plastic surgery can be fatal.


A young woman named Crystabel sadly passed away in a hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. The young woman was not sick when she went to the hospital, she had gone there to undergo surgery.

@poshcupcake_1 shared that her friend, Crystabel istabel passed away in hospital after complications with the surgery. The hospital did not even contact the relatives.

She shared a thread on Twitter on how the incident unfolded. According to the source, Crystabel’s friends realized that she had not come back after she had gone to the hospital for the plastic surgery and decided to go check up on her.

When they arrived, they were offered a letter that her body has been deposited at the mortuary.


The young woman went into the hospital to get plastic surgery and lost her life just like that, its sad.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.


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