RIP: SAD News about Zuma’s ex wife as death hit

RIP: SAD News about Zuma’s ex wife as death hit

RIP: SAD News about Zuma's ex wife as death hit 1DEATH has once again struck and left another family in dismay and sadness. It is a very moment ever when families lose their loved one as it creates a wound that never heal, no matter long it can take but that wound will always remain.

July has experienced high volume of deaths than any other month. The covid 19 third wave contributed a lot too as many deaths occurred as a result of it. Many celebrities have passed on within the month of July while other celebrities lost their loved ones and still the covid 19 was a major cause of death.

Another sad news that we are reporting of Former President Zuma’s ex fiancee, Nokanyiso “LaConco” Conco as she has been hit by death too. Not so long ago, the reality TV star had tested positive for covid 19 and undergone an isolation. However, she did recover from the terrible sickness that had engulfed her.

In the video of her father’s burial, LaConco said this year was very hard for her.

RIP: SAD News about Zuma's ex wife as death hit 2

“It was a very difficult year for me because of COVID 19. Ngalala two weeks ngingakwazi ukwenza nix.( I couldn’t do anything for two weeks).” She added by saying that when she woke up, she made a promise to herself that no one close to her will contract Covid 19 because she has conquered it and she knows how it is.

LaConco said that after she recovered ,she received a call that her father was not okay and unfortunately he ended up passing away.

Now, she has experienced another tragedy, the loss of her loved one, her dad as he passed away last week. Yesterday, it was his funeral and LaConco broke down in his farewell. The funeral was indeed fit for a king although it was held under strict covid 19 regulations but it was a proper and dignified send off.

The businesswoman posted a series of videos and messages on her Instagram stories. She said she was laying her father to rest. This real Housewives of Durban star said that she was grateful her father saw her success when he was still alive.

She wrote the caption ” I am grateful that God blessed me, Tato smelled the followers while still alive. All we did today with Mamo was a bonus. The old man is resting, I’ve witnessed my mom going through all sort of emotions, seeing you losing your husband. Dear Momo well done. Kufeziwe, tato is resting.”


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