RIP: Ntokozo Mbambo’s mother passes away.Pray for her

RIP: Ntokozo Mbambo’s mother passes away.Pray for her

Feelings from fans and commended allies have been spilling in for gospel skilled worker Ntokozo Mbambo-Mbatha after the star insisted that she is in lamenting.

It is represented that related gospel expert and friend Tebello Sukwene broke the reports on Mrs Mbambo’s end when she posted a dull square on Instagram and recorded it with broken hearts and crying appearances.

Exactly when one of Tebello’s fans asked what wasn’t right, another responded saying “Mrs Mbatha’s mother had passed on”. Mrs Mbatha is what Ntokozo’s fans heartily insinuate her as.

Tebello has stood up to significant examination for breaking the news before the late minister’s own family had the choice to.

Close to the start of today, Ntokozo took to electronic life to confirm that her family was in lamenting after the loss of their mother.