Rip: Bob Mabena’s Wife breaks at funeral service

Rip: Bob Mabena’s Wife breaks at funeral service

There was not a dry eye in sight when Bob Mabena’s better half, Eucharist, cried as she paid recognition for an amazing love at a burial service at a crematorium in West Pretoria on Saturday.

Dear loved ones assembled at the crematorium to say goodbye to the radio legend who passed on Monday subsequent to enduring a heart failure at 51 years old.

Due to Covid-19 limitations the function was a little more than an hour long and was gone to by just 50 of his friends and family and companions.

As a live band played calming music out of sight, Bob’s loved ones offer their last farewells to the dad, spouse, and radio legend.

Eucharist Mabena was upheld by her companion Kgothatso as she read out a letter she wrote to say goodbye to the adoration for her life.

“My infant love, my super man, love of my life — words aren’t in any event, coming to me. The previous hardly any days have felt like a long terrible dream that continues playing itself again and again. I’ve lain wakeful consistently this week, trusting that you’ll stroll through the entryway,” she said severing to cry.

There was not a dry eye in the room as individuals cleaned away their tears at whatever point Mrs Mabena took minutes to get a hold of herself in the middle of perusing the deplorable letter.

“The person who used to make me chuckle wildly hasn’t been here. My column, my closest companion is no more. I continue asking God, why now?”

Eucharist expressed gratitude toward her late spouse for his affection and for keeping all the guarantees he made to her. She expressed gratitude toward God for their marriage and the previous seven years they shared.

“The tenth of August is as yet a distinctive bad dream. The day I viewed my superman put down his cape. The day I never figured I could ever involvement with my life. The day our voyage was hindered by the heavenly attendant of death. The day I drove home realizing that I will never observe you again.

“My affection, I need to thank you and God, for managing me the endowment of time when you gave me the most recent hour of your life,” she said.

Weave’s kids composed brief farewell notes to their dad. They were perused out by his passionate little girl Clementine.

Clementine who was obviously crushed communicated how much their father intended to every one of them and the vast gap his demise had left in their souls.

“I felt that the day my dad’s heart quit thumping, mine would do likewise. I figured the sun would be shut out and the world would quit turning. Also, I don’t have the foggiest idea whether this is refusal or he’s holding me up yet here I am,” she said before perusing the letters from her kin.

She read letters from Sihle, Taki, Owami, and his first grandkid, Tshiamo.

Sway’s child, Kamo read the tribute.

He read about Bob’s famous vocation that traversed more than three decades in communicating and in the corporate world too. He likewise uncovered that Bob was chipping away at a life story that would catch the life and seasons of “The Jammer”.

Bounce is made due by his better half and his 10 youngsters.

Bounce’s uncle, affectionately alluded to as Uncle Pat, who brought up Bob as his child when his folks kicked the bucket, talked about how the radio legend adored music even as a youngster.

“Myself and my sibling Ronny raised Bob. He adored music from the earliest starting point. He would consistently pursue the music, which was an issue before all else on the grounds that my mom stressed that he could never completely live his potential since he didn’t appear to be keen on school work.”

Weave’s uncle said the family consistently met up to guarantee that Bob satisfied his latent capacity. He likewise expressed gratitude toward God for Bob’s life and the part he played in it.

“Weave is the man he was today since we made a point to address him and advise him to do things the correct way. Sway tuned in to us and he grew up to be a good man with his own family and an extraordinary DJ. He dealt with us and did right by us,” he said.

One of Bob’s “siblings” and long-lasting companion George Manyosi portrayed him as “kind, unassuming and charming”.

George talked about their initial days in radio and how they set the bar in 1989. He talked enthusiastically about how Bob developed his hard working attitude and turned into the unassuming genius he was.

“The magnificence about him, was his appeal and his yearning to learn … The exact opposite thing is his consideration, we as a whole know it, in some cases it hurt him … He had the character, a blessing that opened entryways however he had some help that is otherworldly that was on him and that is the way the fella succeeded and turned into (the man) we praise today.”

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