RIP: ANC’s Zwelandile Booi Shot DEAD Last Night

RIP: ANC’s Zwelandile Booi Shot DEAD Last Night

RIP: ANC's Zwelandile Booi Shot DEAD Last Night 1

The ANC in the Eastern Cape has been shocked by the unexpected death of another high-profile politician, this is just 24 hours after expressing eclectic horror and condemning the attempted assassination of another former Nelson Mandela Bay Councillor.

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According to an exclusive report by HeraldLIVE, councilor Mzwandile Booi, of ward 20 in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro was shot dead last night, Sunday, 13 February.

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The account of what actually transpired remains sketchy, but legend has it that Booi was traveling in an automobile with his pals when they were ambushed by gun-carrying assailants, who after discharging their firearms fled the scene.

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Although Police have since launched a manhunt for the suspected gunmen linked to the crime, there is a sense in which the incident is just adding more to the scourge of politically influenced killings that is currently happening in the country.

Since last year, there has been a marked rise in assassinations within ANC structures, and while it was first concentrated in KwaZulu-Natal, you might say that it is now extending to other provinces.

And because last year was an election year for local government, opponents within the movement were subjected to violence.

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In terms of the cause for Booi’s murder, his region, Nelson Mandela Bay, is likely to play a key part in the ANC’s two major events this year, the provincial and national elective conferences, which will take place in June and December, respectively.

As a result, warring factions that are anticipated to support either the incumbent chairperson, Oscar Mabuyane, or the provincial treasurer, Babalo Madikizela, have somehow fuelled the fires of violence.

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It’s disturbing that the ANC continues to profess horror and shock at these incidents while failing to address the root cause of the problem.

It’s not like they’re uninformed of the causes; prior to the local government elections, Kgalema Motlanthe delivered a diagnostic report to the National Executive Committee, noting that gangsters and criminal networks are part of the reason the party has lost its moral fiber.

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The era of strong political discussion is long gone, and intractable political conflicts are settled with the barrel of a gun.

As a result, one could argue that the ANC’s policies need to be reconsidered if they are to have any hope of eradicating this terrible behavior among its members.

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The OnlineNewzBible sends its most sincere condolences to Booi’s family, May His Soul Repose Peacefully.

What do you think needs to be done to end politically influenced killings inside the ANC?

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