RIP A Top Local Businessman From KZN Turned His Gun in Infront Of His Family, Reasons

RIP A Top Local Businessman From KZN Turned His Gun in Infront Of His Family, Reasons

RIP A Top Local Businessman From KZN Turned His Gun in Infront Of His Family, Reasons 1Mr. Bongani Ndlovu allegedly committed suicide in front of his family.

TSEPO MOLEFE was left speechless with no answers from the Khetha community in Impendle as a local businessman turned his shotgun on himself in front of his family. He allegedly did this in the presence of his mother, frustrated that something had not been agreed upon at home. The community is still shocked by the alleged act of Mr. Bongani “Uthisha” Ndlovu (30), a self-employed architect, who committed suicide in front of his family and allegedly complained of ‘disobedience’ every time he commented on a family meeting.

He was reportedly told that he was too young to marry and that he could still raise his voice within the family.

ILANGA has learned from a community member close to the Ndlovu family, who said members of the family had gathered last week at a large Khetha house, and that the deceased, who owned a house in Impendle town, was also called. “It is not clear what the meeting was about which led to the deceased shooting himself inside the meeting place. “We heard crying after a gunshot, rushed to the neighbor’s house, and found the deceased lying on the ground, bleeding profusely from his head. He was taken to a Pietermaritzburg hospital, where he was fitted with equipment.

“We heard that the doctors told the family that the situation was serious and that if the deceased survived, he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life because he had suffered serious head injuries during the shooting. On Wednesday we heard that the death toll was high. We are still in the dark about what the deceased said he would not be heard if he raised it, and he finally decided to take his own life, ”said the member, who asked not to be named. Mr. Wonder Dlamini, a councilor from ward 4 in the Impendle Municipality who was one of the mourners, who mourned for the Ndlovu family, said they were shocked to hear the news of his death.

“We were expecting a lot from him as he worked hard, since he was still young by birth. The deceased can be said to have set a good example for his peers in the ward by planning for a better future. He was a fast-growing entrepreneur who took advantage of government opportunities to create jobs for young people, ”he said. LANGA’s efforts to find a member of the Ndlovu family failed to find out about the tragedy. The man, who is said to be the deceased’s brother, did not pick up his phone and text messages. KwaZulu-Natal police spokesman Cons Thenjiswa Ngcobo confirmed the incident, saying Impendle police had opened a docket on the death of a well-known man in the area. He said the cause of death was unknown. Police are still investigating

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