Rapper AKA prepares  for three new songs and talks on Twitter about his good music

Rapper AKA prepares  for three new songs and talks on Twitter about his good music

Otherwise known as accepts his music sets aside effort for individuals to inevitably comprehend.

The rapper, who has of late been doing the most on the online life roads, showed some kindness to-heart second with a portion of his supporters who conceded they didn’t generally get his music from the start.







Like a decent book, Otherwise known as clarified that individuals will just get his music in time. He communicated this after a Twitter client commented that Supa Mega was beginning to be his fave.

The client said the rapper’s melody Landmarks, which highlights Yanga Boss and Grandmaster Prepared D, was developing on him.

Another devotee shared how he was initial an enthusiast of Landmarks and tuned in to Swear on My All that is holy, which made him stan with it more now than his first decision. Lounging in all the adoration and criticism, Otherwise known as answered: “That is the thing that great music does to individuals”.

Last Tuesday, Supa Mega shared the news that he was dropping three new singles on Friday, in particular Swear on My Mother’s grave, Landmarks and Vitality. Before he dropped the “fire” tracks on Friday, the Get Your Life hitmaker and grant winning performer Ruler Kaybee got a restrictive tune in to the three singles.

Kaybee took to internet based life to boast about how he got the opportunity to tune in to Otherwise known as’ new melodies before they were set to drop on Friday. The DJ even shared a screen capture of his telephonic discussion with the Mega.

Talking about his impressions of the tunes, Kaybee portrayed the tracks as “fire, saying Otherwise known as had “this music thing made sense of” and utilizing an award and arguing face emoticons on his inscription.

Feeling love from the club DJ, Otherwise known as gave back in kind and praised Kaybee, saying “it endures a shot man to know an assassin”. Supa Mega likewise uncovered how Kaybee moved like a youngster before the mirror at 4.35am when he originally heard the “fire” tracks.