Ramaphosa Makes A ‘Serious’ Promise to South Africans For 2022

Ramaphosa Makes A ‘Serious’ Promise to South Africans For 2022

Ramaphosa Makes A 'Serious' Promise to South Africans For 2022 1Date: 01/01/21



It is a norm in South Africa that as the year comes to an end and a new one begins, the president needs to offer a year-end speech. On the 31st of December, president Cyril Ramaphosa took his time to deliver the year-end speech to all South Africans, and in that speech, he made very serious promises for the upcoming year. His promises were so serious that many South Africans are still wondering if he is going to be able to fulfill them or not.


In his end-of-year speech, he blatantly told millions of South Africans that he will focus his attention on creating jobs for many unemployed South Africans and trying to end hunger in the country. All of this is a vision for 2022 and many South Africans do not believe that he is capable of fulfilling his promises.

According to past speeches, the African National Congress and President Cyril Ramaphosa have promised job creation many times but even now the unemployment rate in the country is alarming. This somehow means that South Africans are not yet sure that this promise made to them will be fulfilled in 2022 but they are going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Ramaphosa Makes A 'Serious' Promise to South Africans For 2022 2


The Citizens of the country need to start holding the president accountable for the promises that he makes to the citizens. A promise is something that needs to be kept amongst people and when someone who is such a very big leader to millions makes a promise, it needs to be followed through. This means that the country needs to hold Ramaphosa accountable for his promises or else she might continue making promises and never fulfilling them.

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